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Hello and Welcome.  

I am an Industrial Safety Engineer and have been for over 40 years.  Recently retired, I do some consulting for industry and every now and then take on an expert witness role.

My role is to save you money and provide a safer environment for your employees.

At your request I will come to your site and review your current safety status.  This is a “snap shot” and does not mean you are protected from government inspection or any other liability related to how you run your business.

I will find the problems and help you decide a priority for addressing these issues. I may offer solutions, or you can fix items per your schedule or financial capabilities.


My work for you is confidential.

To keep this confidentiality you may want to hire me through your corporate attorney.  Otherwise, a standard review by the government will allow them to review the findings of my report.



$2,000.00 per day / per site, plus travel and expenses if you are further than 50 miles from home.  I may negotiate price for a smaller business, such as less than 20 employees.

Price for multi-day training, inspection, or smaller businesses may be negotiated.


Thank you for your interest.

Bill Robbins


Contact: waderobb1@aol.com

Phone: 919-599-7290

Safe Life Pro, LLC.

5025 Biscayne Rd.

Durham, NC 27707

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